Aguillard extends deadline for disaster valuation adjustments

Calcasieu Assessor, Wendy Curphy Aguillard has provided an initial parish wide Hurricane Laura/Delta reduction in value. Information for any additional adjustments will be accepted until Apr. 1.

HOMESTEAD PROPERTY – If you are unable to live in your homestead property, you can file for a Disaster Homestead Continuation which will allow you to maintain your homestead even though you are temporarily unable to live in your home. This is ONLY good if you DO NOT file for homestead anywhere else while your home is being repaired.

REAL ESTATE/ BUILDINGS – If you have experienced unfortunate more extensive damage, additional information of damage may be provided by property owners to our office for further review and possible additional valuation adjustments.

BUSINESS/PERSONAL PROPERTY – For business assets (inventory, furniture, fixtures, and equipment) please provide a revised LAT5 form with supporting documentation of loss for possible valuation adjustment to personal property assets.

See our website for further details or feel free to call our office at 337-721-3000 for more information.

In the continued interest of maintaining public health and employee safety during the COVID-19 health emergency and the Governor’s Phase 2 restrictions from Jan. 13-Mar. 3.

Our main office will continue to limit the number of customers into the office at any one time.

We still encourage the public to handle as much business as possible via phone, email, or fax. Also please see our website for general information.

Our phone 337-721-3000 fax 337-721-3021 and email are monitored by staff to assist you as quickly as possible.

Our West-Cal office will remain closed at this time.

We appreciate your understanding & cooperation!

We will resume normal business practices as soon as possible.