Morgan Allain named 2020 SWLA Artist of Year

“The Artist of the Year is defined as an artist who shows tremendous skill and talent in their discipline and uses their talents to better our community. Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana is home to some very talented artists, and I cannot wait to see how they’ll put their talent to use as we work to rebuild Lake Charles.

The artist that we are honoring today is no stranger to lending her talents to the betterment of our community. A full-time artist and a mother, her plate is full, but she still finds time to make custom pieces for donations to area non-profits and fundraisers.

When nominating her, fellow artist and husband, Danny Allain, pointed out that she does many things for people in private that she doesn’t get credit for, nor does she want it. She does for the love of helping and healing people through art. When we were able to have in-person events, you can always find her in high spirits selling and talking about her many products with passion and love for the craft.

As you can see, Morgan Allain uses her talent to better her community in many ways. Join me in congratulating Morgan Allain, the 2020 Artist of the Year! “The Inkling Girl”