City Council meeting held June 8

By Evalin Hester

The DeQuincy City Council regular meeting was held Monday, June 8, at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at 300 N. Holly St.

The meeting was called to order by Denise Maddox. Invocation and pledge were led by Mayor Riley Smith and Judy Landry with roll call by Pat Brummett. The May 18, regular meeting minutes were approved. The Agenda for the June 8th meeting was approved by the council.

An Ordinance was introduced and a public hearing set for Aug. 10, regarding the proposed budget of expenditures for the FYE 9/30/21.

DeQuincy News was appointed as the official journal for the City of DeQuincy.

The following two ordinances were introduced:

An Ordinance amending the city’s current Junk Ordinance.

An Ordinance amending current Weed and Offensive Accumulations Ordinance, with a hearing set for July 13.

The council will be looking into the ordinance regarding city ditches and right of way and will make a public statement later.

Mayor Smith commented that the Day of Prayer event went well with a lot of good feed back.

Public Works and Sewer Departments are continuing with daily work load. Sometimes the weather plays a big factor on their work day.

Fire Department report: Johnny Copeland was not present. The report was read by Mayor Smith. The Fire Department had a slow month for May with only three call outs.

The Police Department patrolled over 7,000 miles for the month of May. They collected $12,757 in fines and bonds, with 230 complaints, 14 arrests, four warrants served, 107 violations and 79 warnings. Calls for service during May for each district were as follows: Dist.1 – 38; Dist. 2 – 36; Dist. 3 – 71; Dist. 4 – 47; and CPSO – 35.

City Hall has a new look. The outside has been painted white with black trim. The fresh look will feature new landscaping around the building. All of the old shrubs and plants are being removed and new ones will replace them.