Call to Prayer, Peace answered in DeQuincy

Mayor Riley Smith along with Brandon Harris are shown at the front of the peaceful walk held on Thursday, June 4, to promote peace in our community, the nation, and the world. Participants gathered at the Grand Ave. gym amd walked to the DeQuincy Railroad Museum park to attend a community prayer event. (Photo by Landon Smith.)

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

A call to prayer and peace was answered by the citizens of DeQuincy on Thursday, June 4, during a Walk/Community Prayer event.

Mayor Riley Smith and City of DeQuincy sponsored a Community Prayer event at the DeQuincy Railroad Museum Main Stage, with local pastors and civic leaders leading the attendees in prayers. They prayed for our city, nation and world as we have all been facing so many challenges over the past months during the COVID-19 pandemic along with unrest and fears caused by violence and crime across the nation.

A group of citizens organized a peaceful walk to the prayer event to bring about awareness of the death of George Floyd and others who were treated unfairly in other states.

It was noted that DeQuincy was voted the friendliest town to live in. We have good community relations with our local police and sheriff’s department, as well as civic leaders. We are a city that stands together. Let’s keep moving our city forward and support each other through all the diversity and hardship of a pandemic.

Such a time has not been seen since the Flu Epidemic of 1918.

We bounce back, we pray, we help each other in times of need.