DeQuincy City Council meets May 18

By Evalin Hester

The city council of the City of DeQuincy met in regular session Monday, May 18, in the City Hall Council Chambers, located at 300 Holly Street, DeQuincy, with all members present.

The meeting was called to order by Mark Peloquin council president. This is the first time a regular council meeting was held since Mar. 9. It was held in Phase 1 of the Governor’s guide lines. Invocation and pledge were led by Mayor Riley Smith and Chief Casey Whitehead.

The Mar. 9 regular minutes, the Mar. 13 special meeting minutes and the May 18 agenda were all approved by the council.

Public Works

Twenty-two culverts were installed, creek banks have been mowed, the ball field has been maintained and Eddy Dahlquist has his crew working in each district again.

Sewer Department

Work on rebuilding Hwy. 27 Liftstation is underway. Reports include:

Repaired and replaced part of the Sewer Main that crosses Buxton Creek at Tigerland. Replaced two driveway culverts on Velmer Street. Cleaned Sewer Main on Seymore Pullam Street. Repaired wet well water level system on Douglas Road Liftstation.

Fire Department

It has been very quiet for the fire department but Chief Johnny Copeland has continued with his training and maintaining all Fire Department vehicles during this time.

Police Department

Chief Whitehead gave the report for March and April. March fines and bonds were $17,646, Complaints 236, Arrests 22, Tickets 61, Warnings 93. April fines and bonds $7,130, Complaints 178, Arrests 11, Tickets 24, Warnings 45.

The Council voted to adopt a resolution authorizing Mayor Smith to sign the Cares Act Airport Grant Agreement for the DeQuincy Industrial Airport. The City could receive up to $20,000 in grant money.

Update on the structure located at 208 Kelly Street. No response from certified letter that was mailed. Another letter will be forwarded to the homeowner but the hearing will be held next month to move forward with the condemnation.

The city has three surplus vehicles left that will be put up for bid. They include: 2003 Blue Ford Pickup (67010, 1999 Chevrolet 1/2 ton truck w/utility bed (2986), 2006 Dodge Durango (6266).