Message from Mayor Riley Smith

DeQuincy, from what I have been seeing in the news, it is possible we could see some of the guidelines changing in an effort to reopen the U.S. economy. At this point, it is not clear exactly what this would entail. I would urge you, when businesses begin to reopen, please support your local family owned businesses.

I know we can’t get everything we need in our local stores and yes, I know you can save by shopping on line, but our family owned businesses are the backbone of our community.

Most of these business owners own homes in DeQuincy, they have raised their children in the community, supported your children in their various fundraisers, given to church fundraisers, even helped people in the community when they see a need and so much more. It is so important we stand behind them, supporting them in every way possible.

When we have a need, it is always our local businesses not the big corporations or out-of-town businesses we go to asking for support. Our local businesses have always come through and now it is time for us to give back and support those who have supported us.

I would still encourage you to continue to practice your social distancing and to be a good neighbor. Check on our elderly to see if they are needing assistance; they may need someone to pick up their prescriptions or a few supplies or maybe just an encouraging word. Perhaps now would be the time to pick up a few gift cards from our local businesses to help someone with groceries or a meal. Not only will it help someone in need but it will help our local businesses and you will be blessed in return.

I pray for God’s protection and that His blessings would continue to be on our community.