Singer Water District #2 under precautionary water boil

Singer Water Dist. #2 of Beauregard has issued A Precautionary Boil Advisory to be in effect once the water has been restored:

Read carefully and please share:

An 8″ water main was broken by a contractor on Hwy 27, south of Phelps Prison on Tuesday, Mar. 3.

The water crew was on scene to evaluate the situation to repair the line as quickly and safely as they can.

Once the water has been restored you will be under a boil advisory until rescinded by the water system with cleared samples from the Department of Health and Hospitals.

Affected areas for Singer water are:

Hwy. 27 South of Phelps Prison to DeQuincy with areas including Hwy. 389 in DeQuincy, Hargroves and all intersecting roads in the described areas.

Please boil your water for one full minute before consuming it. The minute begins once the water comes to a rolling boil.