Topics of interest addressed at Council meeting

By Jeffra DeViney

DeQuincy City Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting at City Hall on Thursday, Oct. 12. All council members were in attendance.

Assistant Chief of Police Roy Williams gave the police report and noted that last month had been a busy month with 242 complaints, 190 violations, 127 warnings, 35 arrests, 14 warrants served and $28,533 in fines collected.

Fire Chief Johnny Copeland read the fire report for September, noting that there were seven callouts: one actual fire reported at 110 Smith St. and other calls were for assistance.

Mayor Riley Smith reported that they are working on grants to include sewer and street repairs. The DeQuincy Fire Department recently maintained their present insurance rating in an audit. He also noted that the Fall Fest is slated for Thursday, Oct. 31, from 6-8 p.m., at the DeQuincy Walking Path.

In the open meeting portion subjects not related to the current agenda were addressed: citizens voiced concerns to establish a tennis court on the southside of town and an ATV track.

Eddy Dahlquist, Public Works Director, explained the tennis court request had been considered in the past and new playground equipment had been installed. It was mentioned there is a tennis court behind the JCE building. But, that is private property.

Councilman Mark Peloquin addressed the ATV track development and explained there is extensive liability insurance requirements for such an endeavor as his family had been approached before about such a project. He explained that persons who buy an ATV should have a place in mind to ride such a vehicle as it is illegal to drive on the public streets.

Seymour Pullum implored the city to do something about all the businesses closing. Denise Maddox, Council Chairman, encouraged residents to shop local. Mayor Smith said they welcome any business to locate here.

Council action was made on the following: authorized Mayor Smith to accept DeQuincy Industrial Airparkā€™s 2020-2025 Capital Improvement program as well as accepted a bid from R. Cloud Construction on the Yoakum Avenue drainage improvement.

Discussion was held on selling city property, located between former Capital One parking lot and the former Fitness Track building. Mark Peloquin requested that the property be advertised to the public prior to any further action.

Council Concerns

Mark Peloquin asked about extra trash cans left behind by Republic; it was disclosed that residents can use them, and Waste Management will service them for the public.

Ronda Jacobs asked how many booths were signed up for Fall Fest. Mary Jo Bayles, City Planner, said 11 or so and people interested may call her to reserve at 337-515-3269.

Daisy Cole announced plans are being made to have a Grand Avenue Trash Bash. Details to be announced at a later date.

Landry expessed concerns about grass needing to be mowed on a lot at corner of Yoakum and Division.

The meeting was adjourned.