Bell to have book signing

Major Jerry Bell’s new book Red Dawn, Saga of the Sabine Panthers, is on the market. The book details China and its westward expansion to control the world. The book is written concerning the years 2030-36. Major Bell states in the book that during that time, the Chinese will have infiltrated hundreds of thousands of military age men into our open border’s nation.

According to Major Bell, this book details a harbinger of things to come and not in the too distant future. The book starts out on the world scene as China has overrun Taiwan, moving towards the Philippines and onward to the United States. Major Bell states that this book is both serious and comedic, however the characters in the book are fictional, except for the “Turk”. Some of the characters may bear resemblance to some people that he has known in his life. Major Bell dedicated the book in honor of his longtime friend, Harry Methvin.

Major Bell also stated that many of the actions in this book, that he has participated in those type missions in foreign countries. He also stated that the Chinese made a serious mistake when they tried to conduct operations along the Sabine. The author, Major Jerry Bell, a retired Calcasieu Sheriff’s Deputy/Detective, and Special Forces Officer, worked many years along the Sabine River and learned one thing for sure — “you don’t mess with those living on the Sabine”.

Major Bell will have a book signing from 6-9 p.m. on Monday, July 8, at Temple Baptist Church, 310 Leblanc St. Major Bell will autograph the books at that time. The cost of the book will be $20 and any profits will go to charity.

Major Bell’s other book, “Wind Across the Rails” will also be available. Major Bell requests that you come to the book signing, fellowship with others, and enjoy the refreshments provided.

The book is now available at the DeQuincy News and may be ordered off Amazon.