Juvenile crime up in DeQuincy

Submitted by Major Jerry Bell, DQPD Public Affairs Officer

During the last two weeks, the DeQuincy Police Dept. officers have been working on a rash of vandalism crimes and numerous other crimes such as theft and unauthorized use of motor vehicles. The crimes were vandalism at the Granite company, burglary of vehicles, defacing with graffiti at numerous locations around DeQuincy, the theft of a firearm, the defacing of numerous stop signs, and burglary of an inhabited dwelling.

All these crimes have been solved and Major Jerry Bell is in the process of obtaining warrant for the juvenile subjects. There were five juvenile aged 15 and 16-year-old subjects who will have warrants obtained on them. The 9 mm pistol has been recovered along with other stolen items. The amount of criminal property damage is over $1000 dollars. Parents should know that they could be held responsible for those damages.

There is a curfew for teenagers under the age of 18. It is 11 p.m. and will be enforced by the DQPD. Major Bell stated that Officers Josh Mccoy and Amanda Morrison are to be commended for their hard work in helping solve these cases. Parents, please know where your children are at late at night. There is no need for this senseless vandalism. These cases are still under active investigation and probably more crimes will be discovered.

Be safe, wise;