Areno performs at Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry has shared its stage with many music legends for almost 100 years. Recently, Nathan Areno, a resident of DeQuincy, had the privilege of performing his original song titled “Unseen Hand” on the historical Grand Ole Opry stage.

Areno was first nominated to receive an award (Male Vocalist of The Year) for inspirational country music. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to sing one of his recently recorded songs with two of his friends accompanying him. His two singer-songwriter friends, James Gee from Columbia, Tenn. and Kent Humphrey from Bowling Green, Ky. and the band Jackson Heights joined him on stage to perform.

In a recent interview, Areno shared his experience on stage as being a “moment that was never too big for him,” meaning that God had prepared him for such an event as this. He gives honor to God for preparing his steps in life from music experiences with his dad, Jonathan Areno; and his grandpa, Abraham Areno. He continued to explain how they showed him how to do things the right way. “It’s not only about the notes and the music, but how to keep a band on the road.”

Areno continues to write and sing songs with his band titled “Nathan Areno Band”. You can catch his recent performance on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram @NathanArenoBand.

To purchase copies of his new album “On Purpose” contact Areno at