Traffic stop leads to drug bust

By Major Jerry Bell, DQPD Public Affairs Officer

On Saturday, Apr. 27, Officer Josh McCoy observed a red 2008 Ford Mustang at the intersection of Jefferson St. and S. Grand Ave. The vehicle had an expired license plate and was pulled over. Officer McCoy detected a strong order of burned marijuana. A consent to search was obtained by Officer McCoy which resulted in the seizure of a bag of Methamphetamine, a loaded pistol, marijuana, scales for weighing drugs, and other drug paraphernalia.

Officer Amanda Morrison assisted in the search of the vehicle and the arrest of Desmond Cross 45, DeQuincy for Possession of Marijuana, Prohibited Acts – Schedule II, Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain crimes, Possession of firearm with Narcotics, Driver’s License suspension/Revocation of, and License plate expired.

Officer Josh McCoy prepared an arrest warrant for Cross. Major Jerry Bell had been called in to review the warrant, approved same, and it was sent to Judge Clayton Davis who returned the warrant with a $58,600 bond. Officer McCoy transported Cross to the Calcasieu Correctional Center because of the felony charges. The case was assigned to Major Jerry Bell for further investigation and coordination with the District Attorney’s office on the charges.

Those dealing drugs in our area should be aware that the DQPD knows who you are and eventually you will be caught so its best not to deal in our city. We all need to work together to keep our city clean and free of those dealing drugs. Our officers are commended for this bust and our citizens should realize how dangerous their job is when dealing with those who are armed in the possession of drugs.