DeQuincy opens dog park

By Major Jerry Bell, City Public Affairs Office

If you passed by the DeQuincy Walking Path, you could see a new fence in the area and wonder what was going on. Well, here is the answer. Thanks to the hard work of our Public Works Director, Hank Frazier, and his city crew, DeQuincy has a new dog park. The city has completed the new dog park and seating at the walking path. These improvements were made possible through funding received by House Representative Dewith Carrier. At a meeting held on Thursday, Mar. 7, Rep. Carrier was thanked personally by the DeQuincy City Planner, Kim Rainwater, who stated that Rep. Carrier always comes through for DeQuincy. Other personnel attending the meeting stated that same thing. Mayor Riley Smith invites the public to come out and see the new additions to our walking path which were made possible by Rep. Carrier and the hard-working men of the city crew. Now, not only our people can enjoy the walking path but also man’s best friend can come and play.