DeQuincy Beautification Group volunteers plant new flowers

By Louis D. Whatley

The DeQuincy Beautification Group volunteered their time to invest in a continued effort to beautify the city. At the Triangle, which is the most visible area for citizens and travelers, volunteers planted 100 Dutch Master Yellow and 100 Large Cupped Yellow/Orange Fortune Daffodils, 50 Red Tulips and 30 Pink Tulips, along with a 150 colorful winter Pansies. The Daffodils and Tulips should bloom early to mid Spring, as the Daffodils will continue to populate and bloom for years to come.

We believe in shopping locally and purchased all the Pansies at Old Tyme Garden Center.

The DeQuincy Beautification Group’s mission is committed to keeping DeQuincy beautiful with various public projects. If you want to become a part and volunteer and/or have ideas for the beautification of DeQuincy, contact Louis D. Whatley at 214-957-6866.