Know your DQPD officer: Officer Josh McCoy

By Major Jerry Bell, DQPD Public Affairs Officer

DeQuincy native Josh McCoy returned to DeQuincy to work as a police officer. Officer McCoy is an experienced police officer and a combat veteran of the United States military. In 2006 Officer McCoy graduated from the Calcasieu Parish Police Academy and was employed by the Sheriff’s Office. He is trained as a corrections officer, spent several years on patrol, and was trained as a SWAT officer.

He also worked as a street crimes interdiction officer and was experienced in many phases of police work. Then, Officer McCoy went to work for the Railroad for eleven years, but his heart brought him back to his first love, being a police officer. In August 2023, the DeQuincy Police Dept. welcomed him into service as a DeQuincy patrol officer.

Officer McCoy is the father of two boys, Graham, 11, and Camden, 9, whom he loves to spend quality time with his children. He stated that after 23 years, it was time to come home and serve his community.

He further stated that his goal was to work at the DQPD, serve his community, and do everything he could to help keep DeQuincy safe. McCoy, a combat veteran, was deployed to Iraq in 2004-05, and earned the Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB). He was also awarded a Purple Heart for his wounds. Chief Roy Williams stated that he was glad to have an experienced officer like McCoy on the force and wished him success in his new job.

So, our newest officer is Officer Josh McCoy. We thought that you should know him while he serves our community as one of your patrol officers.