How homeowners can help

This Public Service Announcement was provided by Ward 6 Fire Dept. as Louisiana is still under a statewide burn ban:

Homeowners, help us protect you and your property by taking a few minutes to make your property much safer should a wildfire occur near you.

  1. Mow your grass, short grass does not burn as fast or as intense as taller dead grass.
  2. If your yard is full of debris, junk, old piles of lumber with overgrown weeds. . . clean it up, haul it off.
  3. Check around your home for combustible items that may threaten your home should it catch on fire. (I. E. Stacked fire wood against your home, cardboard boxes on porches, dry mulch in flower beds, dead pinestraw and leaves in gutters.) one small ember could be blown by the wind into these items and you could lose your home.
  4. Check that low tree limbs are not against your house or on your roof. Also ensure your driveway does not have low overhanging limbs that may restrict access of a fire truck.
  5. Ensure you have a proper receptacle for cigarette butts and don’t flick them in the dead grass.

Taking some of these easy steps may prevent you from losing your home to a wildfire.

Even unusual things can start fires, today, we responded to a fire that nearly burned a home and outbuilding. The mechanical sewer plant blower appeared to be full of dirt and ants, overheating the blower motor and causing the power cord to overheat and arc. . . this started a fire in knee high dead grass. . . inspect any electrical cords or other power sources and make sure dead grass is removed in the vicinity and inspect the electrical cords for damage.