Know your DQPD officer: Captain Doug Phillips

By Major Jerry Bell, DeQuincy Police Dept. Public Affairs Officer

This month’s officer to know is Captain Doug Phillips, an 18-year veteran of the DeQuincy Police Dept.

Captain Phillips, a combat veteran of the U.S. Army came to work at the DeQuincy Police Dept. in 2005. Since then, Captain Phillips has risen from the rank of patrol officer to Captain.

In his official position of Captain, he performs many duties for the DeQuincy Police Dept. such as Patrol Captain, Supervisor of the dispatchers, training officer, maintains the evidence room, the DeQuincy Police Dept. logistics officer, responsible for the maintaining and accountability of all the DeQuincy Police Dept. property such as vehicles, radios, radars, computers, cameras, uniforms, and other supplies.

Captain Phillips also serves as the Assistant Chief of Detectives assisting Major Jerry Bell in investigations of serious felony crimes. Captain Phillips and his wife April have six children and five grandchildren. He lives in DeQuincy and is trained in all phases of Police work. For many years he worked with Captain Tom Threet (Ret.) in the DeQuincy Police Dept.’s DARE program teaching our children how to avoid illegal drugs.

Chief Roy Williams has often stated that Captain Doug Phillips is a dedicated police officer and a very valuable asset to our police force. Captain Phillips has a lot on his plate but takes it in stride and gets the job done. So, now you know a little more about one of your dedicated police officers serving DeQuincy every day.