Firefighters spotlight

Volunteer Firefighter Mason Marcantel is an active volunteer and committed to serving the Ward 6 district.

FF Marcantel joined Ward 6 as a volunteer firefighter in August of 2019. Since joining the department he has received certifications in Haz-Mat Awareness, Operations, Firefighter 1 & 2, as well as completing all of the required NIMS ICS certifications.

Marcantel is married to Courtney (Morrison) Marcantel and they are the proud parents of Preslei, Manning, and Parker. The family supports him in his endeavors to protect and serve the community as a volunteer firefighter.

He works full time in a local industry for ISC as an electrician.

He completed over 100 hours of training and responded to 65 emergency calls in 2022.

His hobbies include fishing and hunting; however, those come in second to being a cheer dad that supports Preslei by traveling to all of her cheer competitions.

In 2020, Marcantel spent many days living at the station following Hurricane Laura and was essential at helping guide the emergency response teams from other areas that were assisting Ward 6. He was presented the 2020 Firefighter of the Year award.

Marcantel has established upcoming goals for his firefighter career and they include achieving his Instructor and Officer 1 Certification so that he may serve as an officer on the department. He already serves as a mentor to new volunteers and is always willing to answer questions or teach new volunteers the tactics to achieve any assignment they may have.

Why does Marcantel volunteer with Ward 6? “I enjoy serving the community. It is a one of a kind job. Always training to better yourself and your team around you. You get to do things that not everyone has a chance to do.”

If you see Firefighter Marcantel or his family in the community, take a moment to thank him for his dedication as a volunteer and his family for supporting him in his mission.