Know your police officer: Josh Blanchard

By Major Jerry Bell, DeQuincy Police Dept.

This month’s officer to know is Officer Josh Blanchard. Officer Blanchard is a 25-year-old, born and raised in Starks. He graduated from Starks High School in 2016. He came to work for the DeQuincy Police Department in October 2022 as a jailer. He previously worked as a corrections officer at the Louisiana Work Force (Phelps) for two years and was trained as a corrections officer.

Chief Roy Williams quickly realized that Officer Blanchard could be better used as a regular police officer, so he was assigned a training officer and put on patrol. Officer Blanchard works the night shift.

Blanchard commented that he wanted to be a police officer from the age of 10 on up. When asked why, he stated that he had always wanted to help people, and this was a good way to do it. He is the father of a 3-year-old little girl and a 3-month-old little boy, whom he loves dearly. He makes his home in Starks where he loves to fish and hunt along the Sabine River.

Blanchard was quoted as believing that all officers should treat people with respect and that he tries to treat all those that he encounters like he would want officers to treat his grandmother.

He is scheduled to attend the Calcasieu Parish Training Academy in August 2023 where he will receive the training necessary to become an accredited police officer. Blanchard stated that his goal eventually was to become a Deputy United States Marshall and work as a Federal Agent. He also stated that he plans on being a DQPD officer for several years to obtain all the training and experience that could help him reach his goal.

Chief Roy Williams has stated that Officer Blanchard is already one of our best patrol officers and that he is happy to have him on our force. Blanchard has already proven himself as a patrol officer working alone and sometimes in dangerous situations. So now you know a little about Officer Josh Blanchard, one of the officers that keep our city safe. He is a loyal and dedicated to duty type officer. We, other officers, all wish him well.