Bradberry speaks at Rotary meeting

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

On Thursday June 1, Rotary Club of DeQuincy had their regular meeting at DeQuincy United Methodist Church fellowship hall. The club was graced with Honorable Judge H. Guy Bradberry as the guest speaker. He was elected in November to 2nd District of the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal.

He has been a long term Judge of the 14 Judicial Court in Calcasieu Parish serving family and juvenile court He has had a most distinguished career and many outstanding accomplishments at the age of 66.

When asked to be the speaker, he said he was more than glad to accept the invitation. He said “DeQuincy has always been good to me.” He explained that DeQuincy people helped him in his recent election and he felt like he was “home” in DeQuincy; he said “it feels like family here!”

He spoke of researching important people from DeQuincy and found the following: Tina Girouard, a world famous artist; Anthony Pullard of the MBA Milwaukee Bucks; Jerry Bell, an author, veteran and hero, and leader in DeQuincy and Southwest Louisiana; and “famous” Amos Jones, who at 93 years young still actively serves his community raising funds for the senior center and his town.

Bradberry said he really appreciated all the people of DeQuincy, they helped to elect him to his current seat; his term will end in 2026.

He went on to explain the Louisiana legal system and law as it is unique in we are the only state in the Union that is under Napoleonic Code which breaks down to civil, criminal and family code.

He said that he loves what he does and has a strong faith in Jesus and the Lord. His core values come from growing up in a family with 14 children.

Bradberry is a person of purpose and passion for the law, faith and people. We really appreciate him being our guest speaker. I have observed him on several occassions in family court and found him to be a fair minded judge for the people. Years ago, he was also a speaker for DeQuincy Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet and he passionately spoke of needing more people to help with adoptions and foster care. He said that is still a great need.

The Rotary Club of DeQuincy will host a Sunrise Breakfast meeting on Thursday, June 15, at 7:30 a.m. at the DeQuincy United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall at 301 E. Center St. If you are interested in knowing more about Rotary, join us for breakfast or call Jeffra Wise DeViney at 337-912-5063.