City Council meets April 10

By Evalin Hester

DeQuincy City Council meeting was called to order by Eddy Dahlquist, President of council on Monday, Apr. 10, at 5:30 p.m. Invocation and pledge were led by Mayor Riley Smith and Scott Wylie with Roll Call by Sherri Breaux. Regular meeting minutes for Mar. 13, and Agenda for Apr. 10, were approved by the council.

An ordinance was introduced and a public hearing was set for May 8, regarding amending the city’s personnel policy ordinance. The council authorized the Mayor to act on behalf of the City of DeQuincy to consider and take appropriate action for Cooperative endeavor Agreement with Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and the City of DeQuincy regarding Summer Food Program.

City Report

Mayor Smith stated that the festival was a big success in spite of the weather. The city is still dealing with FEMA and hopefully soon construction will start on restoring the Museum.

Public Input

Not on the Agenda

Vance Perkins spoke about new leaks in the ceiling. During all the rain in the last few days, the water was caught in a trash can. The furniture had to be moved to keep the old antique desk, computer and printer from getting wet.

Fire Department

The Fire Department was called out on five situations during the month of March.

DeQuincy Police

During the month of March, the total of citations written were $39,584. Fines and Bonds collected were $31,821.47. Total complaints were as follows: District #1- 71, District #2- 33, District #3- 44, District #4- 45, Calcasieu S. O.- 19, Beauregard S. O.- 0. Arrests: 11, and Tickets 151.

Code Enforcement

During the month of March, 13 notices was served, 11 for weeds, offensive accumulations order #924, 2 for junk abandoned items order #925, 0 for dangerous structure order #604. 8 have been completed, 3 pending, 2 are in process, 0 turned over to the city to cut and clean, 0 turned over to city for condemnation and 0 summons for court.

Street Department

Cleaned lots on Kelly and Jefferson Sts. Cleaned up Thompson Ball Field. Cut up and removed tree on Self St.

Sewer Department

Cleaned sewer main on Highway 12 W and Richard Allen St. Replaced 6” sewer main on Seymour Pullam. Repaired sand filter pump and sludge lift at Wastewater Treatment Plant, and a water leak was repaired at the Police Station.

Gas Department

Broken gas line was repaired on Hargrove Loop, killed gas service at 1103 Richard Allen St. A new gas station was run at 1152 Higway 27 and installed new gate at meter station on Highway 27 S.