Know your Officer: Lt. Loy Bader

By Major Jerry Bell, DQPD Public Affairs

Know your DeQuincy Police Officers:

There is a reason why DeQuincy is one of the safest cities to live in. That reason is that we have dedicated and professional police officers that watch over our safety while we go about our daily activities. While we are safely snug in our beds at night, there are men and women patrolling our city to keep us safe. They are doing this without regard for their safety and making a great financial sacrifice because there is no money to be made in law enforcement.

Chief Roy Williams wants the public to know that we have a dedicated and professional police force in our city and he wants our citizens to know their officers. This week’s spotlight officer is Lt. Loy Bader. Many of our citizens have already met Lt. Bader by seeing him in the rear view mirror walking up to their car window asking for their Driver’s license, Insurance, and registration. What is not known about Lt. Bader is that for every ticket he writes, he gives five warnings.

Lt. Bader is an American Veteran, having served in the Navy for four years and in the Coast Guard for four years. In the Coast Guard, Lt. Bader boarded ships to make sure that our coast was safe. He worked narcotic interdiction and was trained in police tactics.

From 2016-19 Lt. Bader served with the Westlake Police Dept. becoming very proficient in working traffic accidents. Lt. Bader is a graduate of the Calcasieu Parish Police Academy and is a highly trained DWI investigator.

From 2019 to present, Lt. Bader serves as the DQPD Patrol Supervisor and field training officer, responsible for training our officers in criminal patrol, crash accident reporting and radar instructor, but most important, Lt. Bader is the DQPD Firearms Instructor and responsible for making sure that our officers qualify with their firearms.

Lt. Bader graduated from the Louisiana State Police Firearms instructor course. This course is one of the most demanding schools in the state and only around ten percent of the officers make it through this training. The DQPD is fortunate to have a firearms instructor as many small department do not have one and have to depend on other police departments to qualify their officers.

In his off duty time, Lt. Bader is a volunteer fire fighter. He serves as the Battalion Fire Chief for Beauregard Parish District 2. He also serves as a Captain in the Ward 6 Fire Protection District 3. Lt. Bader is an active member of the DeQuincy Post 183 American Legion.

Chief Roy Williams often comments that DeQuincy is fortunate to have a highly trained officer such as Lt. Bader who is very versatile in all types of law enforcements. So, when you see Lt. Bader in your rear view mirror because you have been speeding, know that this is only one small part of how he serves the city of DeQuincy.

Now you know a little more about Lt. Loy Bader, a dedicated police officer and one of the reasons we are a safe city to live in.