Lady Panthers to play bi-district playoff game

By Delilah Gibson

Undefeated Class 4-C District Champion Starks High School Lady Panthers advance to the bi-district playoffs after defeating Singer Friday, Feb. 10.

The Starks girls rallied to bring the district season to an end with the win over Singer after having lost starting player, Madelyn Nolen. Nolen left the game in the third quarter after receiving a head injury. She was evaluated and treated for concussion at a local emergency room.

This is the fourth consecutive district championship for the Starks High School Lady Panthers. The team is coached by Head Coach James “Taco” Holloway and Assistant Coaches Andrea Coleman Clark and Wendy Gillet. The Class C team will advance to the bi-district playoff on Thursday, Feb. 16, and will play Class B Anacoco at 6 p.m. in an away game. Admission is $8.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association has combined the class divisions for the 2022-23 State Playoffs. As a result, Class B and Class C schools have been combined into one common division. Class B and Class C will now be competing against one another in the playoffs, and for the LHSAA state championship title. Under the LHSAA’s classification numbers Starks has a high school enrollment of 97 and Anacoco, a Class B school, has a high school enrollment of 214.

The LHSAA has power ranked the Starks High School girls at 26 in the Non-Select Division. Under the new combination of class divisions, thirteen of the teams ranked above Starks are Class B high schools, five of which, have a high school student enrollment in excess of 200. Anacoco’s ranking is seven.