L.O.V.E. Community Mission 11 years old

L.O.V.E. Community Mission is celebrating its 11th year! LO.V.E. means Loving Our Very own Elderly/Disabled. The Mission was organized Feb. 8, 2012. The board members are thankful for the services rendered from 2012 until the present and the “events” held up to February 2020.

The last event was the Senior Valentine event sponsored by the Cycle Knights of Port Arthur and co-sponsored by L.O.V.E. Community Mission. A “community gratitude plaque” is housed at DeQuincy City Hall.

The Mission has not been active with Senior events since Covid. The board is grateful for their partners who supported them, the awesome volunteers and a caring community for years of support.

There are cherished memories in a book entitled “Celebrating Our Elderly” at the local library which was produced by Wise Ideas Printing & Promotions. However, there are DeQuincy organizations and others that are presently active for Senior events. What a blessing and a blessing to bless others!

Love Community Mission Seniors’ connection is through the “Main Assigns” services. The 2023 contributions to Senior programs and being connected to the Care Center and Senior facilities is a blessing to reach Seniors/Disabled Seniors as well as being unable to attend outside events. The Mission genuinely loves, respects, serves and honors our Seniors! Mission Partners are: Calcasieu Council on Aging and Harry L Hooker, Sr. Memorial Fund.

Mission scriptures are: By love serve one another. Gal. 5:13. Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18.

Donations are gratefully appreciated; send to: L.O.V.E. Community Mission, PO Box 131, DeQuincy LA 70633.

Board members are: Rev Marvin Durgan, advisor; Gwen Chapper, 337-794-9910; Alice Danclar, 314-369-2233; Darlene Hooker, 337-499-7165; Heather Sonnier, 337-304-2918; and Cathy Williams 337-515-6255.