Post #183 honors Legionnaires

By Jerry Bell

On Thursday, May 19, DeQuincy American Legion Post 183 held its monthly meeting at Riley Smith & Sons Funeral Home.

Commander Jerry Bell called the meeting to order, all members present saluted our flag. Legionnaire Arnold Blagrave gave the opening prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance given by Commander Bell. After all the business was conducted, Commander Bell recognized two of the Legionnaires for their service to our nation.

Marine Allen J. Landry, 99, was recognized as our oldest member and who had fought in WWII. Legionnaire Landry spoke of his war experiences especially on the Island of Bougainville in the Pacific where the marines fought for several years.

Sgt. Jeri Lynn Henagan, one of our youngest members, who was an Army Military Police Officer, served in the 1st Infantry Division, a famous division in WWII. Sgt. Henagan also served in several countries to include Cuba. A POW flag was present for the meeting.

The meeting was closed according to American Legion protocols.