Special Chamber meeting held about Hwy. 27

By Major Jerry Bell, Chamber President

A Special Chamber Meeting was held at City Hall on Monday, May 2.

The meeting consisted of the Chamber President Jerry Bell, Manager Lillian Karr, City Planner Kim Rainwater, Sherrie Breaux, and Police Chief Casey Whitehead.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss making Hwy. 27 into a four lane highway in the future.

The Dept. of Transportaion and Development had requested that Mrs. Karr send a letter from the Chamber requesting that this be done. A discussion was held to state the reasons why the highway should be made into four lanes. The main reason being that it is a very dangerous highway.

Soon, there will be petitions passed out for our citizens to sign requesting that Hwy. 27 be four-laned.

This will be a first step into getting a study on this project. This was the first of many meetings to be held on this project.