2022 Children’s Events winners

The 2022 Louisiana Railroad Days Festival’s Children’s Events were held Friday, Apr. 8. The results are listed here by age groups:

Pre K & Kindergarten

Egg Toss: 1st place – Holden Pickering and Connor Manuel; 2nd place – Oakley Perkins and Xavier Williams; 3rd place – Ramsey Grove and PK Lewis.

Egg Relay: 1st place – Oakley Perkins; 2nd place – PK Lewis.

Hula Hoop: 1st place – Oakley Perkins; 2nd place – Ramsey Grove; 3rd place – Holden Pickering.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade

Egg Toss: 1st place – Paytin Manuel and Ethni Fregoso; 2nd place – Beckett and Nash Tolbert; 3rd place – Noah Peloquin and Brantley Thompson.

Egg Relay (Girls): 1st place – Piper Grove; 2nd place – Ethni Fregoso; 3rd place – Kamdyn Vacker.

Egg Relay (Boys): 1st place – Grady Richard; 2nd place – Gatlinn Grove; 3rd place – Brody Thompson.

Hula Hoop: 1st place – Kamdyn Vacker; 2nd place – Piper Grove; 3rd place – Gatlinn Grove.

4th & 5th Grade

Egg Toss: 1st place – Jackson Stowell and Jaxson Thibodeaux; 2nd place – Cole Scott and Braden Martin; 3rd place – Ezekiel Fregoso and Cadynce Lewis.

Egg Relay (Girls): 1st place – Cadynce Lewis; 2nd place – Haley Buford, 3rd place – Kallie.

Egg Relay (Boys): 1st place – Cole Scott; 2nd place – Jaxson Thibodeaux; 3rd place – Braden Martin.

Hula Hoop: 1st place – Cadynce Lewis; 2nd place Tie – Haley Buford and Harper Pickering; 3rd place – Ezekiel Fregoso.

Middle School Scavenger Hunt

Six teams of Middle School students participated in Scavenger Hunt event.

1st place – Rowdy Griffin, Maddie Vinatieri, Remy Grove, and Andrew Richard.

2nd place – Aubrynn Royer and Avery Wilkins.

3rd place – Carson, Elijah Fregoso and Brody Biggs.