District Attorney Dwight guest speaker at banquet

By Jerry Bell, Chamber President

Calcasieu Parish District Attorney Stephen Dwight spoke at the 2022 Chamber of Commerce Banquet held at the T. D. Cardwell Center on Thursday, Mar. 10. DA Dwight stated that he appreciated being able to be the guest speaker, that the meal was fantastic, and he remembers coming last year and that he looked forward to meeting everyone.

Dwight spoke about his office and the amount of cases that he inherited but that he was making progress, however for the next four or five years, his office was going to be busy just prosecuting murders that have occurred in the parish.

He stated that there was a lot of crime in the Parish and that on his first day, visited a murder scene and the young females involved seem to care less.

Dwight commented on how professional that our law enforcement was in the Parish and that he was going to do all that he could to prevent dangerous criminals being just let back on the streets. This statement brought instant applause from the audience.

The DA also stated that he had to dedicate three of his staff just to work on contractor fraud and that the hotline rings every five minutes. He stated he didn’t care where the contractors were from, if they committed fraud, he was going after them. He mentioned the state of Florida as an example. Dwight, in his speech, seemed genuine on what he wished to accomplish as District Attorney.

We, DeQuincy citizens are very happy to have a DA such as Mr. Dwight. Both Chief Casey Whitehead and Major Jerry Bell stated that they had access to him and that he was working well with the DeQuincy Police Department.