DeQuincy Masons hold ‘Bring a Friend Night’

By Major Jerry Bell, Junior Deacon, DeQuincy Lodge 279

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, DeQuincy Masonic Lodge 279 held its “bring a friend night”. Lodge members, along with friends, met at 6 p.m. After a wonderful meal prepared by Brother and Mrs. Danny Clifton, all members and friends went into the Lodge room. Brothers Scott and Lanty Wylie gave a short history of masons. Brother Lanty Wylie explained that masonry was the oldest fraternity known to man and explained how it came about. Everyone had a chance to ask any question about masonry.

Mention was made of the big masonic emblem attached to the west side of the Lodge. Everyone commented that Mr. Danny Allain did a wonderful job.

One of the reasons that the emblem was placed on the building was that many people in the DeQuincy area did not know where the Lodge was located.

Brother Joey Gilland, Master of DeQuincy Lodge 279 stated that our Masonic Lodge was going to be more and more involved in helping our community and that one of our main reasons of masonry is charity and the helping our fellow man. Even after the meeting was over, many of the masons and friends stayed and socialized with one another. Brother Gilland thanked everyone for coming.