DeQuincy Masons donate $10,000 to DeQuincy Community Christmas

By Jerry Bell

On Saturday, Dec. 18, many of our local citizens met at the Le Grande Maison in DeQuincy. Included with our local citizens were members of the DeQuincy Masonic Lodge 279 which had recently donated $10,000 to the DeQuincy Community Christmas to help with the cost of obtaining all the presents.

Masonic members on hand for the presentation were Randy Brown, Cavin Leckelt, Joey Gilland Master of Lodge 279, Scott Wylie, James Davis, Eddie Wellman, Tom Threet, Roy Williams, David Henagan, and Major Jerry Bell. Not present was Lanty Wylie.

The Master of the Lodge, Joey Gilland, stated that it was an honor and privilege, to be able to help the members of the DeQuincy Community Christmas to make sure that our DeQuincy children received Christmas presents. In keeping with the goals of our Lodge this year, more projects are planned to help our citizens in DeQuincy, and this was just a beginning. Our DeQuincy masons are very much a part of DeQuincy, and we want to help all that we can. Lodge Master Gilland further stated that there is nothing better than seeing a smile on a child’s face knowing that he or she is going to get a Christmas gift.

Our masons want to thank the ladies of the DeQuincy Community Christmas for letting us be a part of their program this year and for years to come.

From the members of DeQuincy Lodge 279, may all the children of DeQuincy be blessed with Christmas gifts this year and Merry Christmas to all our citizens in DeQuincy.