Chamber’s final meeting for 2021

By Jerry Bell, Chamber President

On Thursday, Dec. 9, the DeQuincy Chamber of Commerce held its final meeting of 2021. The Chamber meeting, hosted by the DeQuincy Police Association, met at the Heritage Place Hotel at 12 p.m.

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Pastor Anthony Kennon followed by the Pledge given by Major Jerry Bell. At this time several guests were introduced, which were: Mr. Kevin Ardoin, Asst. Administrator of our hospital; Ms. Cathy Tracey, Weight Wise, Ms. Erin Achane, Dennis J. Walker Clinic, and Ms. April Day from Glenn Dean. Each guests gave a small talk about their companies.

Mrs. Lillian Karr gave a report of the Christmas activities, which included the parade, the pageant, and the fireworks. Chamber President Jerry Bell thanked Mrs. Karr and all our members for the outstanding work they did to make 2021 a very good year for our Chamber.

Everyone agreed that this was one of our better parades and the program after the parade was outstanding especially with all the booths and the large crowd of our citizens that attended.

A special thanks to Jeffra and Doug DeViney and members of their staff for all the assistance that they gave the Chamber this year with all its programs.

Mrs. Karr reminded everyone that statements for annual dues will be sent next week. President Jerry Bell, once again, thanked all the members of the Chamber for their support during the year 2021; it was a team effort which made 2021 a very successful year for the Chamber.

The Host for our January 2022 meeting will be the DeQuincy Memorial Hospital. Please come out and join our Chamber and make a difference in our city.