November Chamber meeting

By Jerry Bell, Chamber President

Our November Chamber meeting was held at Heritage Place Hotel on Thursday, Nov. 11, at noon. The meeting was opened with a prayer by Pastor Anthony Kennon. Major Jerry Bell led the Pledge of Allegiance. Then a wonderful meal was provided by Nichols. After the meal, the meeting was called back to order and the financial report was given by Lillian Karr. Our guests were then recognized.

CLECO representatives gave a short talk on the Residential Energy Efficiency program. Interfor guests gave a short talk on their start-up at the lumber mill east of DeQuincy.

Heather Royer, from DeQuincy Memorial Hospital, gave a short talk on the Enrollment Guide for Patient Portal. Mrs. Karr briefed the Chamber on all the Christmas activities.

We have several new members of the Chamber, and it is continuing to grow.

Contact Mrs. Karr at 337-786-6451 and inquire about joining our Chamber.

Several Chamber members were given tasks to make sure our Christmas activities go well. Please come and join our Chamber. This would be a great opportunity for one to help our city. Our program ended with all in accord.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 9, at 12 noon at the Heritage Place Hotel & Suites.

A special thanks to those at Heritage for letting us use their facility.