City holds council meeting

By Evalin Hester

Two families and their friends were in attendance of the regular council meeting on Monday, Sept. 14. They were Terry and Debra Jones, located at 206 Jefferson St. and Jason Bradshaw, located at 312 N. Perkins St.

The Jones family lost their home during the hurricanes and Bradshaw lost his home due to a house fire. These two families have been waiting since June to have the Zoning Board and the Council approve whether they can move their mobile homes onto their property.

The property located on Jefferson St. was in question because of the age of the mobile home, but Denise Maddox said she had received a lot of calls and no one in the neighborhood had a problem with it. Their thoughts were it would be an improvement to the neighborhood. Council ruled in favor of the Jones to bring in and sit up a trailer as long as all the guidelines were followed.

The Council also ruled in favor of Bradshaw to bring his mobile home in even though the District was maxed out with the amount of trailers that are allowed for this district. Bradshaw’s mobile home is new and he agreed to follow the guidelines of the trailer ordinance.

Items Tabled

A couple of items were tabled until the Oct. 11 Council Meeting. They are: Council to appoint two new members to the Zoning Board and introduce an ordinance amending the hazardous pay for First Responders, (i.e. Police Department and Fire Department), Department Heads, Public works Employees and City Hall Employees.


It was approved to authorize Mayor Riley Smith to sign documents necessary to approve the re-appointment of Ira W. Royer to serve as a Commissioner of the Housing Authority.

The Council reviewed and approved CEA from the Vinton Fire Department. Johnny Copeland, Fire Chief stated that a grant has been submitted for new air packs but is still waiting to hear from the grant. In the mean time Vinton Fire Department is donating air packs because they are in better condition then the ones that the DeQuincy Fire Department has. DeQuincy will use these until they receive their grant to purchase new ones. Thanks to Vinton Fire Department.

A Resolution was adopted authorizing Mayor Smith to accept the DeQuincy Industrial Airpark’s Improvement Program. This is a five year plan program for repairs. The monies will come from FFA, State, Federal and some from FEMA.