City Council meets May 10

By Evalin Hester

The monthly City Council meeting was called to order by Denise Maddox on Monday, May 10, at 6 p.m.

Invocation and pledge were led by Mayor Riley Smith and Mark Peloquin. Pat Brummett, City Council Clerk, did the Roll Call. All members were present except Daisy Cole, due to illness.

Kurt Ryder representative from Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering gave a monthly update on the DeQuincy Industrial Airport and a monthly report on FEMA Public Assistance.

The Council authorized Mayor Smith to advertise for bids regarding Request for Qualifications Engineering and Architectural Services. Hurricane Laura DR-4559 at the DeQuincy Industrial Airport. They also authorized Mayor Smith to advertise regarding the request for bids on the DeQuincy Airpark Pilot Lounge, which was destroyed during the hurricane.

City Council ratified Mayor Smith’s signature on the grant application for the Drainage Study at the DeQuincy Airport. FFA accepted Mayor Smith’s signature, due to the City receiving the grant application late. He had to act immediately or the City would have lost the grant. The City will receive $168,000 from the grant for the Drainage Study at the DeQuincy Industrial Airport.

The City adopted a resolution authorizing Mayor Smith to enter into a Work Authorization to provide engineering services to complete a Drainage Study at DeQuincy Industrial Airpark in the amount not to exceed $170,000 to be paid for by the Grant Application mentioned above.

An Ordinance and a public hearing will be set for June 14, amending the FYE 9/30/2020 budget.

Joseph Eaglin of the PRD&G Group presented the Council with a request for a letter of approval which they need to attach to their application for a grant for the DeQuincy Colored School Gym on Grand Ave.

The Parish Inspector furnished a condemnation report to the City Council concerning the property located at 331 Hall St. The Council voted to proceed to the next step which will be a condemnation hearing on the structure.

An Ordinance was introduced and a public hearing for June 14, to abandon the sidewalk in front of the DeQuincy’s Iron Horse Pub. Nothing was decided for the west side of the Pub.

City Reports

Mayor Smith reported that the District G meeting will be held in Vinton, on Wednesday, June 9.

The LMA yearly meeting will be held this year in Baton Rouge from July 28-31.

There will be a Town Hall meeting on Monday, May 17, at 6 p.m. concerning Waste Management.

On Saturday, May 15 there will be a Gospel Singing at the museum, bring your lawn chairs.

The Chamber of Commerce Banquet was great. It was well attended, and the food was excellent. It was a great evening for all.