Two officiers promoted

By Major Jerry Bell

On Friday, Apr. 30, Chief Casey Whitehead held a Police Promotion Ceremony by the flagpole in front of the DeQuincy Police Dept. The ceremony was attended by Mayor Riley Smith, the Police Department, and several citizens. Those promoted were Lt. Douglas Phillips and Sgt. Loy Bader.

Lt. Douglas Phillips, a retired disabled army veteran was promoted from Lt. to Captain. Captain Phillips started his career with the DeQuincy Police eleven years ago. Captain Phillips worked up from the ranks starting as a Police Dispatcher, then a Patrol Officer, a Patrol Sergeant, then a Lieutenant. Captain Phillips now serves as the Patrol Commander, Supervisor of the Dispatchers, Custodian of the Evidence Vault, Logistics Officer, and as a back-up Detective for Major Jerry Bell. Captain Phillips and Major Bell also served together in the Panama war.

Captain Phillips stated that he looks forward to the new position and the challenges that it holds. Captain Phillips also stated that he is proud to serve the city of DeQuincy as he did his nation for many years. Chief Whitehead helped pin Captain’s bars on Lt. Phillips.

Sgt. Loy Bader, also a military veteran of the Navy and Coast Guard, was promoted from Sgt. to Lieutenant. Lt. Bader started his Police career in the Coast Guard and was a boarding officer in the fight against illegal drugs being smuggled into the USA. Lt. Bader then worked for the Westlake Police Dept. where he did all kinds of police work especially involving traffic. Lt. Bader is a very experienced Police Officer and that was one of the main reasons why he was promoted. He has been with DeQuincy Police for two years.

Presently, Lt. Bader is the Patrol Supervisor and in charge of all the equipment and the maintenance required for the equipment. Lt. Bader is also at this time attending training in Baton Rouge where when finished, he will become the DeQuincy Police Firearms Instructor since Captain Tom Threet has retired leaving that vacancy open.

Chief Casey Whitehead also pinned on Lt. Bader’s Lt. bars. Lt. Bader’s mother was able to attend the ceremony and stated that she was proud of her son. Lt. Bader stated that he was eager to get to work in his new position and is proud to be a DeQuincy Police Officer.

Chief Whitehead wished Lt. Bader and Captain Phillips good luck in their new positions. As always, we should pray for the safety of all our officers and first responders.