Residents now responsible for tree removal

By Jerry Bell

Several citizens have called city hall inquiring about limbs not being picked up. Presently the city dump truck is in for repairs so that is the main reason why some of the limbs are not being picked up.

Eddy Dalhquist recommends that if you have trees cut down, have your contractor remove the limbs. Another choice would be to burn your limbs on your property but have someone stand by while they are burning.

FEMA contractors are no longer picking up debris so please don’t stack it near the road because there is no one to pick it up. As soon as the dump truck is fixed, then some limbs will be picked up.

The construction debris has to be picked up at the owner’s expense. There were several notifications that have been on social media reference the deadline for debris removal.

Dahlquist thanks the public for being patient with the limb situation.