Debris removal could take up to six months

By Major Jerry Bell, Emergency Manager

Debris removal continues and more project worksheets are being developed. The Mayor’s team continues to work with the Debris removal team to make sure that all the debris will be picked up. Some cities have already put an end time for the pickup however due to the amount we have, our time date will most probably last six months. Our Mayor makes that decision and he continues to press upon our team to get all the debris as quick as they can. Once again we are told by the debris manager that the stumps will be removed at the end. This is being monitored by our team to make sure that this happens.

Separate Debris

Our citizens are once again reminded to make sure that the construction debris and the wood debris are separated so the trucks can pick it up. The team is familiar with certain streets that have not been picked up and the debris team have been notified of these streets. Demolition of several houses and trailers have already been completed with that debris already removed.

A request for an extension has been granted by FEMA on behalf of DeQuincy for an extra 60 days for damage identification. Mayor Riley Smith is pushing for FEMA to move in DeQuincy with housing.

That is the most need as of now and it has been slow progress. We still have not received the proper clarification on whether or not FEMA is going to allow for the debris removal of commercial properties and private roads.

As soon as we get information on this matter, we will make the announcements and their guidelines. Thus far we don’t have that information but our team is still trying to get it. We are also trying to get some clarification on private property removal. Our best advice is to continue moving your debris to the curb so that it can be picked up.

Thus far, the total cubic yards collected to date is 113,935.15 and the total estimated cubic yards remaining is estimated to be 4,064.85. Of course many people are still moving debris to the curb so this estimation could be off just a little. Mayor Smith has directed Chief Whitehead, while on patrol to identify those streets that really need their debris picked up because it might be blocking roads. Our team coordinates and is in contact with FEMA officials to make sure DeQuincy gets what it needs to recover.

Many citizens call and ask about debris removal on their streets and our team understands it but Mayor Smith want everyone to know that it will be picked up as soon as possible and our contract calls for all the debris to be picked up. Debris along state highways 12, 27, and 389 are being picked up by state contractors and they will get the debris. If your debris is right under power lines, it might take a little longer because of the danger.

Be safe and wise.