COVID numbers continue to decrease substantially

Dr. Jalal Joudeh, Chief of Staff for DeQuincy Memorial Hospital and DeQuincy Medical Clinic Head Physician informed DeQuincy News on Tuesday, June 2, at press time that 378 test kits for Corona Virus (COVID-19) had been administered in DeQuincy. 89 patients (51 females, 23 males and 15 re-swabs) have tested positive from a local lab and 15 from other labs. There have been 11 area deaths related to COVID-19. (Note above statistics are the total from Mar. 31 to present reporting.)

As of May 26, according to Louisiana Department of Health, there are 608 cases in Calcasieu Parish and 49 deaths. In Louisiana there is a total of 40,341 cases and 2,690 deaths. He said he is optimistic with caution and to keep your guard up.

Good news: the number of positive tests continue to decrease substantially. Many thanks to everyone: people of the comunity, hospital, care center, doctors, health care workers, and local businesses for following the federal and state guidlines set to fight this unusual and unfortunate pandemic. Without everyone’s efforts, we could not do it.

We still need to mask up when outside in public especially in closed spaces where many people come in and out: like grocery stores, post office, etc. Limit gathering and practice social and physical distancing while gathering. Continue to wash hands and use alcohol based sanitizers when touching unfamiliar surfaces. Continue following the federal and state guidlines especially now entering Phase Two of reopening.

Everyone be safe and God bless