Help keep our businesses open!

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

Looking forward, DeQuincy News recognizes that all of our local businesses will need our community support in order to get back on their feet once the economy reopens.

Presently, the following Essential Businesses are open trying to serve the needs of our community. We have made a list of loyal customers who over the past year(s) have been strong supporters of DeQuincy News by advertising and continuing to advocate for your local Hometown News.

Without your local paper, there would be a void of local and state news as well as little to no coverage of school, church, sports, club and other activities including most importantly the coverage of your local government. We pride ourselves in carrying on a legacy that is now 97 years old. The News is the second oldest business in town, with Nichols being the oldest and Hixson-Snider Funeral Home the third oldest.

Many of you subscribe to our weekly paper and since you pay for it, you look forward to reading it every Wednesday. If you would ever go to the major grocery stores at 9 p.m. on a Tuesday, you would see that people park in the parking lot in anticipation of getting tomorrow’s News today, even though one can subscribe to our e-Paper and also get it the night before. I am told that many people plan their Wednesdays around getting the DeQuincy News each Wednesday. Thus, I coined the phrase, “we are not just a newspaper, we are a weekly event!”

As we go forward trying to figure out how to bring our town back from this COVID-19 Pandemic we want to implore you to shop our hometown businesses.

Most of these folks are your neighbors and they own homes here; their children attend school here as well as they attend church here.
They have supported our schools, churches, clubs and town in every endeavor. They need your support NOW more than ever!

Please Support:

B-ENT A/C, LLC, 141 Tommy LeBleu Rd., 786-2830; BROOKSHIRE BROS., 300 W. Fourth St., 786-5859; CHADHA MEDICAL CLINIC, 140 W. Fourth St., 786-5007; COMMUNITY OUTREACH CENTER, 1006 E. Fourth St., 786-7520; DAIRY QUEEN, 910 E. Fourth St., 786-7972; CITY OF DEQUINCY, 300 N. Holly St., 786-8211; DEQUINCY A/C & HEATING SERVICES, 608 W. Fourth St., 786-3552; DEQUINCY NEWS, 203 E. Harrison St., 786-8004;

DEQUINCY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, 110 W. Fourth St., 786-1200; DEQUINCY HOUSING AUTHORITY, 500 S. Grand Ave., 786-2381; DEQUINCY MEDICAL CLINIC, 126 W. Fourth St., 786-1200; EL TUCAN MEXICAN GRILL, 1577 W. Fourth St., 337-222-2244; FITZGERALD, HEBERT & DELOUCHE LLC, 703 E. Fourth St., 786-2737; FOSTER PAINT & BODY SHOP, 156 Robert Foster Rd., Singer, 786-3547; FOSTER TRACTOR SALES, 1024 S. Grand Ave., 786-2446;

GLENN DEAN INSURANCE AGENCY, 913 E. Fourth St., 786-8000; HIXSON-SNIDER FUNERAL HOME, 205 E. Harrison St., 786-6000; KELLOGG ELECTRIC, 407 W. Fourth St., 786-2603; NAPA AUTO PARTS/LANDRY SUPPLY, 904 E. Fourth St., 337-222-2992; NICHOLS, 915 E. Fourth St., 786-8538; PAINT & BODY WORKS OF DEQUINCY, 5622 Hwy. 27, 786-5574; PEDESTAL BANK, 201 W. Fourth St., 786-1928;

PEKARS AUTO REPAIR, 215 W. Fourth St., 786-3150; POLAR TECH A/C & HEATING, 407 W. Fourth St., 786-3335; POPEYES, 920 E. Fourth St., 786-4880; RILEY SMITH & SONS FUNERAL HOME, 1810 W. Fourth St., 786-2999; SABINE STATE BANK, 506 E. Fourth St., 786-2061;
SAM’S DISCOUNT TIRE, 209 E. Fourth St., 786-3425; SWLA VETERINARY CLINIC, 1080A E. Fourth St., 786-5520; TIGERLAND GROCERY, Hwy 12 E., 786-3065; WIDE OPEN OFF-ROAD SUPPLIERS, 201 E. Fourth St., 317-9304; WORLD FINANCE CORP., 220 E. Fourth St., 786-3011; WISE IDEAS PRINTING & PROMOTIONS (inside DeQuincy News), 337-912-5063.