COVID-19 update from Dr. Joudeh

Dr. Jalal Joudeh, Chief of Staff for DeQuincy Memorial Hospital and DeQuincy Medical Clinic Head Physician informed DeQuincy News on Tuesday, Apr. 28, at press time that 236 test kits have been administered in DeQuincy for Corona Virus (COVID-19). There are now 43 patients (13 males and 30 females) who have tested positive, from local labs and five from other labs. There have been four COVID related deaths in the DeQuincy area. As of Apr. 28, according to Louisiana Department of Health, there are 377 cases in Calcasieu Parish and 28 deaths. In Louisiana there is a total of 27,286 cases and 1,758 deaths.

Joudeh said that the numbers of positive tests have jumped locally since the DeQuincy News first started reporting as seen in graph on Page 6 of this issue. Example: last week, we reported two more positive cases however this week we have 12 more positive cases.

Dr. Joudeh mentioned that on Monday, Apr. 27, Governor John Bel Edwards extended the Stay At Home Order through May 15. Joudeh encourages everyone to keep being safe, keep their guard up, stay at home, and call their personal physician if they have any concerns or questions.

The virus is a respiratory virus that enters the body through nose, mouth and eye contact by touching or breathing; therefore, be vigilant about social distancing by six feet, and also wear a mask when you go to the store, and continue with safe hand washing as set by CDC, federal and state official guidelines. Continue to try limiting going to grocery store, eating out, and large gatherings, etc.

The high risk groups for severe illness are elderly that are over 65 years old, people with underlining health conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease, COPD, Cancer, Obesity, smokers, etc. Please be very vigilant around this high risk group.

Please use your local healthcare resources DeQuincy Memorial Hospital, DeQuincy Medical Clinic, Chadha’s Medical Clinic, Jacob’s Medical Clinic, DeQuincy Home Health, Southern Home Health, and The Care Center of DeQuincy for any concerns or questions.

Everyone be safe and God bless.