Thankful for true heroes

(Editor’s Note—There is not much to report on this week however I do have an article for you about “True Heroes”)

Submitted by Major Jerry Bell, Chief Detective, DQPD

I remember many years ago when my Grandma would call me into the house around 5:45 p.m. by yelling Jerry, “the Long Ranger is on”. I would immediately drop what I was doing and race into the house to sit by the radio with my Grandma to hear just what he and Tonto were doing this week. Grandma had an old radio that she had bought second hand but it worked. At that time, the Long Ranger and Roy Rogers were my heroes. It wasn’t until I reached adult hood until I then realized who the real heroes were. It was not sports figures or Hollywood characters anymore. Let me tell you who the real heroes are.

I have been a 1st responder for over 57 years now. I have always loved my various jobs as a 1st responder however, nowadays it is getting more and more dangerous.

To me, our 1st responders are the true heroes of today’s world full of danger and turmoil. The young nurse who works a double shift because of shortages and so many sick people just praying she will make it home to her children disease free. All the Doctors and hospital staff doing all they can to save lives while putting theirs in danger. There are many police officers out at 2 a.m. in the morning responding to calls facing danger at all times because of so many drug addicts doing irrational things.

Would you want to respond to incidents by yourself with a family at home that depends on you? The firemen who rush into buildings to put out fires or help the hurt are usually volunteers. The postal workers who are touching thousands of pieces of mail put themselves in harm’s way. There are so many 1st responders doing so many great things that go unnoticed.

As a military man, I received numerous medals and commendations for my work. However, the great work that our responders do many times is unrewarded. I am not saying that they do it for the awards, they don’t, but they should be recognized more often. Most of our workers go to their jobs with a reasonable expectation that they will come home safely. That is not so with our responders. Every call they go on is fraught with some type of danger.

Other responders such as our pastors put their lives in danger taking care of their flock by visiting hospitals at all times and responding with prayer when called upon. I remember Brothers Henagan, Cardwell, and Braneff visiting me in the hospital so many times.

What about our funeral people having to conduct funerals in these trying times? There are so many other people that could be classified as responders. I appreciate the employees working in the supermarkets getting us our groceries, the pharmacy people, who hand out our medicine. Aren’t they working in a dangerous environment?

The truck drivers who deliver so much of our commerce and the railroad workers who keep this nation going are so important. When you think about it, most people are responders and will stop along the highway to help a wreck victim or assist our police with traffic control.

Let me tell you about a simple way we can show our 1st responders that we respect and appreciate them. Today, with the virus situation, we should not shake hands, get too close, or hug one another. However there is a way to do this. Simply point to the 1st responder and then take your right hand and pat your heart two times. This is a very sincere method of telling someone you appreciate and respect them. I used this technique several times around the world to show my respect.

I remember like yesterday when I met King Hussein of Jordan, I patted my heart twice and he told me thank you.

So in closing, let me say that there are so many different kinds of 1st responders and probably each of you reading this article has responded in some way to help another human. To me, they are the real and true heroes and they make a difference. We should keep all our 1st responders in our prayers. Thank you!