Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from Dr. Joudeh

Heroes work here! Some of our Hometown Healthcare Heroes were honored with an impromptu parade on Friday. DeQuincy residents decorated their cars with thank you posters and balloons. They circled the hospital and the Care Center parking lots honking, waving, and voicing their gratitude. No one got out of their cars, but it was well received by the employees and the kids loved it. Also noted – The hospital staff are still supporting the Railroad Fest by wearing their shirts on Friday. (Photo by Lauren Cooper)

Dr. Jalal Joudeh, Chief of Staff for DeQuincy Memorial Hospital and DeQuincy Medical Clinic Head Physician informed DeQuincy News on Tuesday, March 31 at press time that there are to date four confirmed and reported cases of patients testing positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in DeQuincy. State Officials have been notified and all appropri-ate measures have been taken. He said that their clinic is still operating during regular business hours which are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; and Thursday, 8 a.m.-noon.

He encourages people to not rush to the Emergency Room because they do not want to flood the hospital. Patients may call the clinic or (their PCP) if they have concerns or questions. They are limiting patients to those that are ab-solutely necessary and screening before allowing them to enter the clinic; there is very limited access to inside to the clinic. Patients who have a fever or upper respiratory symptoms are required to call their office, 337.786.6161, they will be met outside the clinic to assess their condition before allowing entry.

He said they are using telehealth and presently have enough protective gear for their employees.

Dr. Joudeh encourages everyone to understand the severity of this crisis and stay home and isolate to guard against infection. Testing for COVID-19 is by “doctor order” only and they are collaborating with DeQuincy Memorial Hospital. Additionally, they are strictly following guideline recommendations set forth by Center For Disease Control (CDC) as well as from Louisiana Department of Health (LDH).

Joudeh said, “Please for everyone’s safety, stay at home, practice social distancing as set by the CDC, Federal and state official guidelines. try not Try limiting outing like go to the grocery store or eat out, large gatherings, ect. Practice safe hand washing and using mask as needed. isolate and call your primary physician or the hospital if you need help.”

Dr. Joudeh said that he, Dr. Chadha, Dr. Jacobs, and DeQuincy memorial hospital are working together during this pandemic to assure the highest possible quality of health care delivery for the residents of DeQuincy and surrounding areas.

Everyone be safe and God bless.