Letter from Chief Whitehead

To all citizens of DeQuincy and the surrounding area:

Let me first say that I truly thank you for obeying the different laws and rules that the State has put upon us in this time of peril. We are a God-fearing community and we will get through this.

The state has put on a stay at home order but this is not a curfew. The state has advised us to stay away from each other for a while until this virus is under control. Our public leaders and Mayor are doing everything possible to help us get thru this. The Police Department will be available 24 hours a day to help us get thru this. The Mayor will keep the city government going to help our citizens.

Please rely on your community leaders to include the clergy to assist you in every way possible until this crisis has passed.

There are some things that we must do. One, we need to stay our distance from each other and not gather in crowds. We also need to continue our hand washing and keeping our areas sanitized. As much as possible, please refrain from touching your face after touching any item. If you go to the stores, keep that six foot distance and only go out if you have to.

The state is trying to limit the number of people infected and not have a spike at one time to over burden our medical facilities.

We must all work together as one to defeat this virus. Stay informed either thru the media, the TV news, or the newspapers. We should follow the Government’s guidelines. Go to WWW.LDH.LA.GOV for the latest information. That site will keep you informed. 

We must do everything to help keep our community safe. Send your prayers to God to help protect our community.

Once again I truly am thankful to be your Chief of Police in our great little community and my prayers are for us to get thru this and become closer to our God. May God Bless our town as he has done so many times before.