Buy a Brick for Veterans Memorial Park ongoing

The laying of the bricks began at the Veteran’s Monument this past week. Electricity will soon be run so that the all the flags will be able to be displayed at night. (Photo by Douglas DeViney, Sr.)

Honor your special Veteran by buying a brick for DeQuincy Veterans Memorial Park “ Buy A Brick” Program. Christmas Gift Cards are available to give to recipients or family members.

Bubba Blackburn, Board Member, wants everyone to know that it’s not too late; the Brick program is everlasting. The bricks will be a perpetual memorial that honors those who served their country and helped to preserve our country’s freedom. Join hundreds who have already purchased a brick honoring a loved one or just supported the project with a patriotic message.

Stop by DeQuincy News to fill out a form at 203 E. Harrison St. The cost is $80 for the 4×8 brick and $100 for the 8×8 brick.

Monument Update

Anthony Busceme, board member, shared that the Veterans Memorial Park is progressing although there have been some delays due to rain and highway construction.

The pentagon for the military service flags has been layed as well as the sidewalk. Bricks will begin to be placed when the weather gets better. Power will soon be provided to allow the lighting for the displayed flags.

For more information, call Bubba Blackburn at 337-853-0737 or Anthony Busceme at 713-283-4258.