Shop local for holidays

Today’s DeQuincy News features The Gift Express on page 3. Local businesses are showcasing what they have to offer to help make holiday gift-giving simple.

Featured businesses include: All Hours Fitness, Dairy Queen, DeQuincy News, DeQuincy Railroad Museum, El Tucan, Nichols, Popeyes, and Shop Around the Corner.

Here are five great reasons to shop at home:

1. Selection: There is such a variety of specialty and full line stores in which to shop. You’re sure to find what you are looking for.

2. Price: Driving to another city costs you money. . . in more ways than one. Prices are competitive through retailing, exchanges are easier and less costly. You know the types of business you’re dealing with — not to mention the hours of driving time you’ll save as well as gas and money.

3. Convenience: No matter where you shop in DeQuincy, you’re close to home. . . and closer to your car! You can park close to your destination – no searching for your car among thousands of others.

4. Friendly, Personal Service: You’ll enjoy shopping with your friendly neighbors in DeQuincy. . . local merchants and their employees not only appreciate your business but require it to keep them a healthy viable part of our community.

5. Community Support: PLUS. . . when you shop locally, you’re helping your community, providing jobs for local people. Sales tax and other taxes paid by local businesses and their employees help provide better schools, streets, parks and other local services.

And local businesses and their employees support the community in hundreds of ways through projects like the Chamber of Commerce, church, civic and charitable organizations.

Your dollar does more at home! Don’t overlook the convenience of shopping in DeQuincy. Support your community and support yourself.