Brown Bags of Hope to be given to LaSalette baskets

Brookshire Brothers currently has a program going on called Brown Bags of Hope to help their communities help those in need.

Jason Nelson at the DeQuincy Brookshire Brothers says they donate the Brown Bags of Hope to the Our Lady of LaSalette Catholic Church.

The church puts together Thanksgiving baskets and uses these to help create the baskets.

Brookshire customers purchase the bags and the store team distributes them to food pantries, school counselors, the police or sheriff’s department, where they will do the most good.

The bags contain non-perishable items that are part of the “Brookshire Brothers” or private label offerings. As a company, Brookshire Brothers has been known to match their customers’ generosity by donating additional bags to address a specific or urgent need in a community.

In the stores that have delis, there is a program called Help A Neighbor In Need. This gives organizations and individuals an opportunity to purchase a complete Holiday dinner for those who may go without. These are often distributed through churches and nonprofits during the holiday season.