Work continues to clean up DeQuincy properties

By Evalin Hester

The regular monthly City Council meeting was called to order by Denise Maddox on Monday, Nov. 11.

The Invocation and Pledge was lead by Mayor Riley Smith and Judy Landry. Roll call was by Pat Brummett. All were present. The Oct. 14 regular meeting minutes were approved.

Reports Given

Valecia Royer gave the monthly financial report. Mayor Smith gave the Fire Report in Johnny Copeland’s absence. There were five call outs for the month of October.

Chief Casey Whitehead reported for the DeQuincy Police Department: Fines and Bonds collected, $39,226; Complaints, 219; Violations, 187; Arrest, 40; Warrants Served, 30; Warnings, 150. Calls for service by district: District 1 – 44, District 2 – 27, District 3 – 43, District 4 – 56, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Office – 50.

Public Works: Eddy Dahlquist reported that two gas services were installed and one killed. Weather permitting, Dahlquist and his crew will try to finish up their part of the work on Nursery St. The bridge located on Nursery St. may be out for about a year. His crew will continue cleaning out manholes and cutting grass; and they have received more asphalt for the potholes.

City Reports: Mayor Smith was pleased with the Fall Festival saying all went well. Approximately 500 or more were in attendance of the Fall Festival. He thanked the Police Department for all their hard work put into the event. The Drainage Project on Chavis Square has been approved.

The Council approved the liquor license for the new LaRumba Restaurant. They will follow the guidelines of the city and no liquor will be served on Sunday.

Public Input: P. J. Chenier, President of Grand Ave Gym, and several others that attended council meeting wanted to know how city workers got inside of the gym. Spokesman for the city stated that the City of DeQuincy owns the building and the City needs a key so they will be able to gain access to the building.

The gym was inspected and it failed. The gym is in need of lots of repairs and was found to be in very poor condition. A committee will be formed and they will have a meeting with the board of the Grand Ave Gym. Mayor Smith is ready to go forward and preserve the gym. The board may want to think about turning the gym into a museum. He realizes the gym is a passion for lots of people.

The property located on Pine Street, owned by the City, was approved to sell to Lake Area Dental. The City has first right of refusal.

Property located at 1101 Allen St. has been condemned and it will be cleaned and cleared. An invoice for the work will be sent to owner.