DeQuincy News Headlines at the Senior Center

DeQuincy Headlines With The Seniors began Wednesday, Oct. 23 at the DeQuincy Senior Center. Notable is the fact that Jeffra Wise DeViney, current publisher of the DeQuincy News, and Mona Masingill Broussard have distinctive legacy connection to the DeQuincy News as they are both daughters of former publishers/owners. (Photo by Douglas DeViney, Sr.)

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

Every Wednesday from 9-10 a.m., area seniors are invited to join DeQuincy News at the DeQuincy Senior Center, as they read The DeQuincy News headlines. Come enjoy free donuts, coffee and a free newspaper.

Last Wednesday, Oct. 14, The News hosted its first visit and held a “News Trivia Quiz.” Jeffra Wise DeViney, Publisher asked attendees the following questions with popular answers following:

1) Do you read The News front to back, or back to front? The popular answer was front to back.

2) How many of you subscribe to or buy The News on newsstands? Popular answer was newsstand.

3) How many of you have had your picture in The News? Most indicated that they had.

4) What keeps you young at heart? Reading DeQuincy News. (Thanks for giving us a reason to get up every morning and do what we do at The News!)

5) What are we famous for in DeQuincy? Answer was DeQuincy News! (We love that answer!)

6) Who is The News’ new sports writer? Everyone answered Michael Suchanek. (Great job Mike!)

7) How old is DeQuincy News? Two guesses were 95 and 100 years old. The correct answer is 96. We were established in 1923; making our business the second oldest continuously run business in town!

8) Name a former publisher of The News. Everyone unanimously answered Mona Broussard’s dad since this had already been a topic of discussion. Her dad, Mr. Masingill originally sold The News to Jerry and Joy Wise in the late ‘60s.

Mona shared that her dad wrote a column for The News under a pen name, Shorty Cash. He would refer to her mother as Mrs. Cash and Mona was referred to as Change. She also indicated in reference to the DeQuincy High School Homecoming Edition, which was in The News, that her graduating class would be having their 70th Class Reunion next year, and that they had the distinction of being the first class to graduate after attending DHS for a full 12 years, instead of 11 years, which had been previously required.

Ice cream scoops were given to everyone who was instructed to give DeQuincy News the news “scoop” when they had news.

Mr. Masingill’s nickname at Rotary had been “Scoop”, thus the idea to give out scoops came about.

Free scoops are available to all new subscribers. Stop by the DeQuincy News office, located at 203 E. Harrison to subscribe today!