Wells retires from Housing Authority

Wesley Wells was presented a plaque by Mayor Riley Smith for his 26 years of service as a DeQuincy Housing Authority commissioner.

Wesley Wells was recently awarded a 26 Year Service Award and certificate by the DeQuincy Housing Authority in honor of his retirement as DHA Commissioner.

He was elected as Commissioner of DeQuincy Housing Authority on Feb. 1, 1993. He served as a Board Member, Chaplain, Vice-Chairman and Chairman throughout the years. Wells was involved with numerous construction projects including the most recent window replacement project, roofing project and utility room additions.

He is very knowledgeable about the Housing industry and was a very active, effective Commissioner. He has shown dedication and commitment to the Housing Authority and his community.

Shirley Bagwell, Executive Director, stated that working with Mr. Wells has been an enjoyable pleasure. He exemplified a love for the Housing Authority that reflected in his service.