Pine Grove Baptist Church

Still looking for the perfect church? If so, please continue looking. Pine Grove Baptist Church is not a perfect church. We are a group of believers who realize we are all flawed and require the grace of our Savior daily in our lives. It is humbling to know that we who are called saints are still sinners, YES, sinners; but, sinners who have been saved.

The charter members who organized Pine Grove recognized the need for a community church in their lives and in their local area. They were a modest group of farmers, ranchers, workers in the oil field, timber, and railroad industries, homemakers; you know, the “We The People”, everyday folk, with common goals and a kindred spirit. A spirit of the dignity of an individual, that character matters, and is best developed by a fellowship of believers. Believers who seek the influence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Living to serve one another and the Almighty whose Son’s life was offered as an atonement for our sins. Sins that were on the cross forgiven. Forgiving one another as we are imperfect. So, if you seek an imperfect church where forgiveness is shared, consider Pine Grove as a home to worship, serve, and be fed. Each Sunday we meet to corporately break the Bread of Life to nourish our souls and gain wisdom. While the world that our ancestors lived in has changed, the message of our Creator and the lives He desires for us to live has remained constant as He is immutable.

One of the immutable characters of God is His Love for us. It is the central truth of His message. A message we find not only throughout scripture but also in the expression of the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. After He revealed His Love and demonstrated forgiveness, He did not leave us as orphans. He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us, to encourage us, to inspire the writings of the New Testament, and later the canonization of the Holy Bible. As we are not orphans but His children, we are all family. “Promoting the Family of God” was long the theme of Pine Grove. In the recent past, the theme became “Serving Him, Loving You”. This service to Him is best reflected in love demonstrated to the community and those who worship with us.

Pine Grove has many activities that minister to any who wish to participate. Every fifth Sunday the evening was devoted to a praise offering where singers and musical players attend and encourage those in attendance with uplifting music. The “Fifth Sunday Singing” is open to all who wish to share. As mentioned above, it “WAS devoted”, however; the joy was greatly received so we have renamed the event to reflect its actual scheduling. It is now called “The Fifth on The Fourth”. A fellowship follows the worship and all are encouraged to meet, greet, and express appreciation to participants and attendees alike. Contact Nelda Terry at 786-6189 for additional information.

Worship in praise has long held a special place in our hearts. During the Christmas and Passion seasons, the choir presents musicals that lift our hearts and encourage a reflection of the true meaning of those seasons and their application to the conduct of our lives. If you love singing, we have a home for you!

The annual Fall Gumbo welcomes all in the Perkins community to enjoy an evening together. S’mores, games, and a hayride provide fun to all. Making this communitywide has been a tradition since “The Storm” when so many of our neighbors helped each other when called upon. Oh! Did I forget to mention our wonderful cooks? Look for the mailing and the sign. Y’all Come!

In February, we have a Valentine’s Party. Again, there are games, food, and singing. This year, the event was catered and the youth served those attending. After we played a version of “The Newley Wed” game. Sometimes it is hard to remember where you went on your first date when it happened over 40 years ago!

In July, we celebrate the Christian heritage of our nation and pay tribute to those who have defended our unalienable, natural and Providential rights. The Sunday service reflects upon some of the religious statements made by our founding fathers and recognizes those who have served and defended those rights. A display of copies of our founding documents is presented for all to review. Dinner on the Grounds follows where the men have the chance to demonstrate their culinary skill on the grill; an event not to miss!

Each month, the Children’s Group meets. Games, food and usually a craft project provide the children a time to learn to share, participate as a group, and serve others by making a craft to be given to others. The event most enjoyed by all, children and adults, is participation in Operation Christmas Child. The entire church family participates by donating items and funds for the project. The children purchase the needed items and pack (and I do mean PACK) the boxes. We track the boxes and later have a “party” were we learn of the life lived by children in those countries. The impact of missions truly is experienced by all. Prayer is encouraged through the entire event. Where shoeboxes were previously sent are remembered and hearts are touched once again.

In addition to our regular mission offerings, each 5th Sunday, a portion of the offering is sent to members who are serving as missionaries. We remain in contact with them and share in their burdens, their praise reports and support them in prayer.

Each summer we have a Vacation Bible School offered to those K-6th. Michael Collet and Milly Jones, our directors, are excited about this year’s program, “The Incredible Race”. VBS this year is scheduled for June 3rd-7th from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. “The Incredible Race” program is produced by Answers In Genesis, an apologetics ministry, of Ken Ham. His ministry includes “The Arc” and the Creation Museum, both are located in Kentucky.

On the 2nd Tuesday of the month our senior adults, the Elderberries, meet for a time of fellowship.

If you are looking for a place to be fed, to worship, and to serve where people realize our position in Christ, love each other, and believe the Word, then come participate at Pine Grove Baptist Church.